Search Tips

it's important to know the searching techniques while we are searching for code errors.

  • Copy and paste entire error which you get in the IDE ex: Visual Studio,VS Code or any other IDE's.
  • "Use an Exact Phrase" Enclose your keywords within quotes and HintsBuddy will do an exact phrase search. Example: "abstract class" C#
  • "Use OR in search" HintsBuddy will include all words from your search criteria unless you specify. By typing OR between your terms, HintsBuddy will know it can look for one set of terms or the other. Capitalize OR, otherwise HintsBuddy will assume it’s just part of your keyword. Example: "abstract class" OR "interface" C#
  • "Search Exclude Word" Exclude a word from HintsBuddy search by adding a minus sign in front of that word. Example: - interface abstract class
  • "Search Similar Words" HintsBuddy searches for similar keywords or phrases. Use the ~ sign to get synonyms related to your query. Example: ~ interface abstract class
  • "Search Related Words" Use the modifier related: followed by the Keyword you know. Example: related : interfaces